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Texas’ Biggest Mistletoe Ball Is Back Again in Houston

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It’s that time of year when visions of sugar plums dance in our heads as well as finding the perfect moment to steal away that tender kiss as you catch your sweetheart under the mistletoe.

Texas’ biggest mistletoe ball is back for the holidays and can be found in Market Square Park in Houston, now through January 2, 2018. According to its website, the ‘Mistletoe on the Go!’ is a “…150-inch ball of kiss-inducing greenery hanging from a 15-foot giant candy cane.”

In the YouTube video above you can hear an interesting account of the history of the Mistletoe, and why we kiss under its inviting greenery.

According to Wikipedia, mistletoe is associated in many cultures as that Christmas decoration which inspires that all important moment when you and your sweetheart are expected to kiss. Or that moment many wish to catch their crush under the mistletoe to steal away that kiss. “In Norse MythologyLoki tricked the blind god Hodur into murdering Balder with an arrow made of Mistletoe, being the only plant to which Balder was vulnerable. Some versions of the story have mistletoe becoming a symbol of peace and friendship to compensate for its part in the murder,” states Wikipedia.

Despite how mistletoe came about, there’s no denying its one of the most interesting traditions many look forward to sharing each Christmas with that special someone. Mariah Carey may have said it best with her song, “All I Want For Christmas is You” and now you have the chance to show the world how much with a kiss under the biggest mistletoe ball this side of the Guadalupe.

Visitors are encouraged by Market Square’s Twitter page to take a selfie with their sweety as you both pucker up and share using #XOmistletoe for all the world to see.