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Texas Bill Wants to Label Violence Towards Cops a Hate Crime

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In light of the recent ambush on a detective from the San Antonio Police Department, a new bill has been introduced that would make attacks on police, firefighters, and emergency medics considered a hate crime.

Fox Insider quoted Republican State Rep. Jason Villalba who said, “We’re going to ask that it become an emergency legislative item for the governor so that as soon as we get to Austin in January, we pass it right away, make it law right away.”

The Houston Chronicle says that the bill would “protect first responders from threatening language and attacks. It would also prevent people from following first responders to their homes and places of employment.”


This bill echoes many of the sentiments in the previously proposed Police Protection Act, which Abbott plans to move forward with. It will increase the punishment for crimes against police whether or not it is determined to be a hate crime. According to WFAA, it will also make assaults on an officer a 2nd degree felony instead of a 3rd. The Police Protection Act was born after the Dallas attacks and is expected to become a law soon.