‘Tis the Season for Texas’ Blooming Cactus

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Bluebonnet season is over. Boo! However, Texas is known for another plant that remains beautiful year round. That plant is the cactus and it will be blooming out soon in flamboyant, and rather prickly, display of yellow, white and pink flowers. It’s time to give these Texas superstars their 15 minutes of fame.

1. Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear CactusPhoto:

The most common cactus around Texas, this plant could very well be the original ‘yellow rose of Texas’. It’s yellow bloom is reminiscent of a beautiful spanish rose that later turned into a large red fruit. This plant is edible and is often used in traditional mexican dishes or juiced for a tasty drink.

2. Horse Crippler

Horse Crippler CactusPhoto: YouTube/featheredfan

What a name! The Horse Crippler cactus lays low on the ground and has large, strong spines that will “cripple” anything that stands on it. It’s feathery pink flowers bloom in the late spring and produce striking red fruits.

3. Lace Cactus

Lace CactusPhoto:

The Lace Cactus is a dark green cactus wrapped in a sort of fuzzy lace, but don’t let the looks of this fancy little globe of fuzz fool you. Touching one will leave your finger throbbing! It’s amazing purple-pink flower blooms in late May to early June.

4. Nipple Cactus

Nipple CactusPhoto: Rock Rose

Also known as the Pineapple Cactus, this cute little darling makes a charming addition to any cactus garden. It’s beautifully exotic flower bloom in early spring, and these Texas natives can be found all over the great state.

5. Yucca

Yucca CactusPhoto: Steven Schwartzmen, Portraits of Wildflowers

Another great garden addition! The Yucca is abundant in native Texas landscapes and home gardens. It’s long, narrow leaves add character, but it is the extremely tall, massive cluster of creamy, white flowers that draw attention in the late spring and early summer.

6. Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus

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