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5-Year-Old Texas Boy Saves 2-Year-Old Brother from Wreck

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On I-45 in Houston on Friday, a man driving a moving truck with his two little boys lost control of the vehicle, and according to KSAT, “struck a guardrail and then a concrete pillar.” The father flew from the vehicle as it was turning and died at the scene. After the wreck, the man’s 5-year-old son managed to save his 2-year-old brother’s life by pulling him from the destroyed truck.

The 2-year-old was severely burned from the accident, but both children are expected to be okay due to the young boy’s act of heroism. An eyewitness said that the little boy even sat down with authorities to give everyone’s name that was involved in the accident. It’s as if this young boy had to instantly rise to the occasion and act as a man to keep what’s left of his family safe and taken care of. As adults, we can only hope we act as level-headed when tragedy strikes.

According to KHOU, the family was moving to Galveston, and the mother was driving ahead of the trailer. She was unaware that the accident took place, and as of Friday evening, the police had not been able to get in touch with her.