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Texas Brand Dr Pepper Has Been Bought Out by Keurig

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Everyone knows Dr Pepper is a Texas brand, but when news outlets like News 4 San Antonio announced that Dr Pepper was being bought out by Keurig, it had many people wondering – what does this mean for one of our favorite Texas sodas?

Dr PepperPhoto: Instagram/@drpepper

According to Texas Monthly, the famous headquarters of Dr Pepper will most likely stay in the Lone Star State, but the corporate headquarters of Keurig Dr Pepper will reside in Massachusetts. Shareholders have already seen an uptick in stock by 32 percent with the announcement of the merger. Yet, MarketWatch writes that many analysts are confused as to why Keurig decided to buy Dr Pepper in the first place. “Wells Fargo describes the deal as one ‘out of left field,'” and Bernstein analysts said, “While we view this merger as good for Dr Pepper Snapple shareholders, there are unanswered questions about the prospects for Keurig Dr Pepper as a combined entity.”

But when it comes down to it, Texas Monthly says they don’t see the importance of the famous Texas brand changing anytime soon. “The trademark information on the back of the bottle may change, but as long as the recipe remains locked in those Dallas banks, our enthusiasm for the soda will remain,” they write.