Texas CEO Sits Behind the Wheel in Bulletproof Windshield Test

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In 2014, the Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) put together a demonstration test for their new Mercedes-Benz bulletproof windshield which made some serious waves. In order to show just how confident they were in its quality, the company President and CEO sat inside the car at the time of testing. TAC has been recognized as the leading worldwide supplier and manufacturer of custom bulletproof vehicles and lightweight armored cars, and in this instance, they definitely made no bones about carrying that title.

In an effort to demonstrate how seriously they take client safety, R.Trent Kimball, President, and CEO of the Texas Armoring Corporation sat alone in the Mercedes-Benz while 12 AK-47 rounds were shot at its windshield. The company has provided protected vehicles for individuals such as the Pope, oil executive in West Africa, and celebrities such as actor Steven Segal and rapper T.I., according to My San Antonio.

The shots during the demonstration test were fired by the sales and export compliance manager for TAC, Lawrence Kosub. In the video, which is available at the link provided here, you can clearly see that all of Kosub’s shots hit the vehicle’s windshield and none of the bullets breached it. Explaining in the video that they “…take product testing extremely seriously,” viewers are given three angles from which to see that they mean business. First, a view is shown from the regular camera distance, behind the shooter. Second, a close up of the exact 12 shots fired by Kosub is provided. And, third, the view from the interior of the vehicle, where Kimball is seated, is provided. It’s one thing to say that you’re in the manufacturing sector and that you stand behind your product. But, TAC staff has actually sat behind their product to prove that very point – not something the average President and CEO would do!

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