Texas Cheerleader Appears to Defy Gravity in Invisible Box Challenge

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On Friday night, a Manvel, Texas cheerleader named Ariel Olivar attempted the new “invisible box challenge.” She appeared to completely defy gravity as she successfully stepped onto and over an imaginary box. She tweeted a video of her hidden talent from her account @arielo1220, and it quickly went viral, bringing in over 125,821 retweets and 251,880 likes!

Since the video has spread all over the world, the Mirror in the UK picked up the story, writing that the social media craze was dubbed the “invisible box challenge” and that everyone was trying it, though no one seems to make it quite as effortless-looking as the Texas cheerleader. “I thought it was just going to be around my school, I didn’t think it would get this far. News reporters have been contacting me, asking to use [the video]. It’s just mind blowing…” quotes Olivar.

So how can you try out the invisible box challenge for yourself? The Telegraph released a video compilation of people attempting the feat along with a how-to. They say it “…relies on good core strength, balance, and determination.”

And if you’re feeling defeated by the physical challenge, check out the Texas cheerleader’s follow-up video where the box is kicked right out from under her!