The Texas Chili Parlor in Austin Will be Featured on the Food Network

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The Food Network’s show “The Grill Dads,” produced by Guy Fieri, follows hosts Mark Anderson and Ryan Fey across the country as they seek out “epic bites.” Austin 360 writes that viewers of the show will soon get a taste of Austin’s iconic Texas Chili Parlor when the episode airs on January 5.

As the Austin Chronicle writes, Texas Chili Parlor has been serving hot bowls of delicious chili since 1976. In addition to multiple kinds of chili offered each day (including vegetarian), the Lavaca Street hole-in-the-wall restaurant also serves burgers, Tex Mex, and sandwiches. It was even featured in the Quentin Tarantino movie “Death Proof.”

“The Grill Dads” have a plan to focus their eating efforts on the beef chili with mac and cheese. wrote about the unique dish, saying, “One of their offbeat options is a combination of mac and cheese with chili all in the same bowl. It isn’t for everyone — which may explain why it’s not on the menu — but those who like it swear by it. Order a bowl of chili, add mac, extra cheese, and sour cream. It’s a savory delight.”

Austin 360 adds that the “Grill Dads” will also stop by Wu Chow, and possibly Peached Tortilla, to round out the Austin-based episode.