This Texas City is the 3rd Best City in the U.S. to Raise a Family

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A national Real Estate report named this Texas city as the third best place in the country to raise a family, but some people don’t agree.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the report named El Paso as the third best place in the country to raise a family, while Austin took the eighth spot on the list and San Antonio clocked in at No. 10. Houston didn’t crack the Top 10, which has led to an outcry among online commenters who feel that El Paso was a poor choice for the report.

However, the cities were rated “according to park space, commute times, public school ranking, crime rate, home ownership, employment rates, and cost of living.” The Houston Chronicle argues that Houston has more total outdoor space, but Houston couldn’t compare to any of the three ranking cities when it comes to commute times and crime.

If you’re a Houston resident, you are twice as likely to be the victim of a violent or property crime compared to El Paso, and your average commute is probably around 30 minutes, while El Paso sits around 20 minutes. However, Houston did rank somewhere by having the fifth best public schools in the country, but it still wasn’t enough to make the list.