Texas Closes Due to Winter Weather

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It’s no secret that Texans don’t do winter weather well. We may have big trucks and big confidence, but when it comes to snow and ice we become the big, strong elephant that shrinks at the sight of a mouse. Some years we can quietly tuck away our fears and pretend they don’t exist because the weather stays moderate. This is especially true the further south you live. But this year has proven to test us. January 16th, 2018, case in point. Yes, it is cold, yes, there has been some freezing, and some parts of the state are getting it worse than others,  but Texans, our northern friends are laughing.

Photo: Facebook/Alison Malone

School districts across the state have closed, and weather watchers have recommended not leaving our homes. Businesses have closed their doors, and grocery stores have been ransacked. It’s okay folks, this freeze isn’t supposed to last through the week, but good call stocking up just in case.

For the record, we understand the conundrum schools face when they consider closures. It is an excellent call to keep children and families safe and off the roads when the threat of icy roads lurks. We agree it is better to be safe than sorry. But, while we commend the state for closing down, we couldn’t resist having a laugh in the process. What good is social media if we can’t all laugh together? While you are at it, suit up and go build a snowman. Or, a frozen dirt man might be more realistic.