Texas Company That Makes Superior Pole Vaults Heads to Olympics

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Fort Worth-based company UST-ESSX are about to see their Olympic dreams in action. In 2014, the company took their state of the art fiberglass and carbon fiber pole vaulting poles on a road trip to visit Sam Kendricks, a star pole vaulter. They had a lot to prove since one for their older models snapped while Kendricks was using it.

Their lead engineer, Beto Sanchez, pitched the idea of using UST-ESSX’s new model with different technology and composition instead of the tried and true regular poles that other pole vaulters perform with. Sanchez presented his improved product to Kendricks’s family and supporters who seemed skeptical. The Star-Telegram reports that Kendricks himself simply cut to the chase and asked, “OK…will this pole break?”

Sanchez promised only greatness from the pole, and Kendricks took the chance. Since then, Kendricks has used UST-ESSX’s “Recoil” pole to win championships all over the world. And now, he’s headed to the Rio Olympics with his superior equipment.

What makes this company’s poles so different? UST-ESSX uses “aero-space grade” materials and, like Sanchez said to The Star-Telegram, “It’s not just throwing carbon fiber into the pole and magically it’s going to become a better pole. It’s a lot of balance and things you have to do right.”

During the Olympics, UST-ESSX hopes they will gain respect from the pole vaulting industry while Kendricks realizes his Olympic dreams.