3 Ways Texas is Way Cooler Than Michael Jordan

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Michael Jeffrey Jordan (MJ for those of us who are close with the dude…or wish we were) will go down in history as one of the most famous (and therefore cool) basketball players of all time. Yes, he did play for Chicago and not a Texas team. Yes, he’s from the north (Brooklyn, to be exact) and not a southern man like we’d hoped. But, ultimately, he led his team with a unique sense of suave that didn’t just play out on the hardwood. He carried himself off as quite cool. Another thing we’d like to think is cool, is the state of Texas. Why? Because we live here, it’s southern, and…really? Who even questions whether Texas is cool?! So, when we compared the two, imagine our shock and surprise to find that there were in fact ways that Texas was so much cooler than Michael Jordan. Here are just a few.

1. Despite Popular Opinion, Texas Isn’t All Tumbleweed

3 Ways Texas is Way Cooler Than Michael Jordan

Photo: Vimeo

There are some lush areas of Texas that don’t require a canteen and a week’s worth of rations for you to hike through, road trip around, or camp at. In fact, we happen to know a little place. Maybe you’re familiar with it? It’s called the Texas Hill Country.

2. There are Still Plenty of Wide Open Spaces

3 Ways Texas is Way Cooler Than Michael Jordan

Photo: Facebook/Colorado Bend State Park – Texas Parks and Wildlife

It’s no secret we love our cities, like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio…go Spurs! (Yeah, Jordan, you’re feeling the sting from that zinger, aren’t you?) But, we also love that we have miles and miles of wide open, undeveloped space. A lot of our acreage consists of some pretty fantastic state parks, too!

3. People Actually Ride Horses To Do Everyday Things

3 Ways Texas is Way Cooler Than Michael Jordan
Photo: Facebook/Texas Humor

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