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Texas Corgi Roundup Scheduled to Takeover Temple

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An annual event held in Temple, Texas, the Texas Corgi Roundup is a concept that came about as a result of a lack of such events at that time in the Lone Star State. Founders Jill and Alex Ramirez were fans of attending the annual Florida and Philadelphia Corgi Picnics. They wanted to attend something similar in Texas. Having found nothing of that nature here, they began planning their own event in Temple, right down to every small detail to make the time well-spent for corgis and their fans.

“The Texas Corgi Roundup was founded because of our passion for corgis,” Jill explained. “Alex and I actually met through what we call ‘Corgi Nation,’ an online community on Facebook where corgi lovers and friends connect. She reached out to me when my corgi Beanie unexpectedly passed away and from there, it’s history for us.” She further noted, “We share a common goal and love for corgis. We are crazy corgi moms of 3! Chica Cheeks, Peeps and Scarlett. We also have our little doxie mix named Emma.”

Initially, they selected Bandit’s Bandaid as the recipient of funds raised during the first annual Texas Corgi Roundup. Bandit’s Bandaid is a non-profit organization which provides assistance with emergency veterinary bills. “We created this idea with passion to give back because you never know when you could be in the type of situation where you need help yourself,” Jill said. “We have been fundraising for them for the last two years and decided this year to go with two different non-profit organizations to help rescues. Our mission is to help as many dogs in need as possible!” That’s how the Texas Corgi Roundup came to life, and it’s since become a huge success. As the second largest corgi event in America, its 2018 event saw 625 corgis in attendance from 13 different states and Mexico. They are hoping for 800 at this year’s event!

Texas Corgi Roundup Scheduled to Takeover Temple
Photo: Texas Corgi Roundup

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