Texas Couple from Quinlan Have a 2.5K Pound Pet Buffalo Living in Their Home

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What does a 2,500-pound buffalo eat at the breakfast table? Anything he dang well pleases! Although in Ronnie and Sherron Bridges’ home, Wild Thing, their pet buffalo, has plenty of space to do what he likes. The couple, from Quinlan, Texas, have their furry friend living inside their home with them, complete with his own room (where he watches action movies) and a spot at the breakfast table in the kitchen.

The Bridges sold their herd of 52 buffalo approximately 13 years ago but kept one calf out of the group. When Ronnie lost vision in his left eye, he could no longer keep up with the requirements to maintain the herd, the horses, and the cattle on their ranch, but that didn’t stop the couple from holding onto just one memento from their ranching days. Ron’s original hope was that his son would follow in his footsteps, and having Wild Thing around at first was a challenge. Living up to his name, the younger version of this 2.5-ton softy wasn’t so friendly. But with persistence, he turned into the loveable house pet you now see before you.

With his 400-pound head, Wild Thing is quite the bull in a china shop when he maneuvers around the house, but he’s a key component to the Bridges’ lives. So key, in fact, that they made him the best man at their wedding vow renewal ceremony. Ronnie notes that now, he couldn’t picture life without their beloved pet in it. At the age of 11, the big, brawny buffalo has entered middle-age for his species. The couple allows him to come and go as he pleases, and he appears to do little-to-no damage inside the home. Living the life of Riley with the Bridges seems to suite Wild Thing just fine, and they certainly wouldn’t have it any other way!