Texas Couple Reacquaints After Former Dog Owner Sends Loving Birthday Card to Pet Pooch

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In a story that was featured on NBC’s TODAY, Rebecca Hernandez identified that her and her husband, Frankie, had adopted Apollo the dog as a puppy four years ago. Frankie Hernandez was in the Marines then, and the three of them resided in California. The “boys” were inseparable at the time – so much so that Apollo was jealous if Rebecca cuddled with her husband on the couch. In an email regarding the story, she noted, “He would come and sit right in between us. It was adorable.” The couple separated in 2015, however, having married in 2012 when Rebecca finished college and slowly growing apart since. The result was that Apollo went to live with Rebecca in her hometown of Mercedes, Texas (staying with her parents because her apartment building didn’t allow pets), and Frankie, who was no longer in the Marines, moved to Houston.

Texas Couple Reacquaints

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Although they were apart, Frankie didn’t let the separation from Rebecca and Apollo stop him from celebrating their dog’s recent fourth birthday. As he has done for each birthday and major holiday since then, he sent the loving pet a touching birthday card, telling Apollo he “loved every moment” watching him grow from “a puppy that fit into the palm of my hand.” There were more sweet thoughts and memories shared in the card before closing and asked the dog to “continue to be there for her like you were for me. I miss you buddy. See you when I see you. Love, Dad.” Rebecca was very moved by his sentiments to their dog and tweeted photos on the matter on April 17, saying, “My ex and I split up two years ago and he still sends our dog, Apollo, a birthday card and gift card to Petco on his birthday,” followed by the hashtag, #NoBadBlood.

Texas Couple Reacquaints After Former Dog Owner Sends Loving Birthday Card to Pet Pooch

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The tweet unexpectedly went viral, and people began urging the two “parents” to give it another try. It got to a point where Rebecca was approached by a caring stranger while at dinner with her parents, saying she had seen the tweet, giving Rebecca a hug and encouragingly mentioning, “I hope you guys can work things out. We are rooting for you.” In discussion with TODAY, Frankie explained that he sent this card, similar to the others, because he missed and loved his dog, but he also noted that it wasn’t the only reason. He also wanted his wife to know that despite their separation and all of their time apart, he was there if she needed him. “I could either keep being bitter and prideful. Or I could let it all go and humble myself and set all that bitterness and hurt aside to show not just Apollo, but my wife as well, that I was there if they ever needed me,” he explained.

Texas Couple Reacquaints After Former Dog Owner Sends Loving Birthday Card to Pet Pooch

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Just before Frankie’s card had arrived for Apollo, Rebecca had actually been thinking of Frankie. Neither of the two had filed for divorce, and despite a two-year separation, she had been feeling incomplete and missing him. “I had been asking for a sign from God, and then when the tweet started going viral and I started getting all these messages, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is this the sign I’ve been waiting for? Was this the encouragement I needed to stop being scared and try again?” she told TODAY. After all of these “signs,” gestures of fate or kismet or whatever you call it, Rebecca reached out to Frankie. And after speaking over the phone, she said that talking to him just felt right. Frankie suggested that the pair get together in Austin recently for a motorcycle race (without Apollo, unfortunately, due to there being a no-dogs-allowed policy at the event), and “…so far, so good,” said Rebecca. Their re-acquaintance in the Texas Hill Country went well. “I guess you can say we are seeing where this road leads us. We are both hoping it leads to nothing but happiness with one another — the way we dreamt of as teens.” The two already have plans to meet up again, and after the story went viral, Petco sent Apollo a gift card for a dog-friendly restaurant in their hometown.