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Texas Couple Saved by YETI Cooler After Boat Sinks

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A peaceful day on the water turned terrifying for this Texas couple who credit their YETI cooler for saving their lives when their boat sunk.

Jered Caraway and Morgan Mayfield, an engaged couple, went out on the Brazos River with their two Labradoodles when suddenly, their 23-foot fishing boat began to sink. They anchored in Lost Lake when things began to go wrong. Caraway noticed the boat’s pump and engines were becoming overwhelmed quickly.

As KHOU reported, the couple placed all of their belongings inside of the cooler and dragged it overboard. Trusting the promise of YETI’s locked cooler premise, Caraway knew, as a lifelong fisherman, that the cooler would not sink because it was reinforced.

Mayfield and Caraway held onto the cooler after the boat completely sunk and were able to navigate the strong current of the Brazos safely instead of heading out to sea in the Gulf of Mexico. After navigating the cooler to the river’s edge, they were able to walk over logs to a relative’s boat for rescue.

The couple and their Labradoodles are safe at home now, and completely credit YETI for saving their lives. As Mayfield told KHOU, “I’m pretty confident we would have drowned if we didn’t have that.”