Texas Disposal Systems is Changing the Reputation of Landfills

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Ask just about anyone if they’d like to attend an event at the local landfill and they’d likely respond with a resounding, “Um…nope.” Well, obviously they’ve never heard of the Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game Ranch and Pavilion. This landfill is unlike any other in Texas and is a model for landfills of the future. 

Located outside of Austin in the community of Creedmoor, sits the Texas Disposal Systems Landfill. Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) was started in 1977, by brothers Bob and Jim Gregory using $10,000, one customer, one truck and plenty of determination. Building on a deep commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental preservation, TDS has become the largest independently owned solid waste collection and disposal company in central Texas and one of the largest in the nation, offering a variety of services.

The Only Landfill Endorsed by the Sierra Club

Texas Disposal Systems Truck

Photo: Facebook/Texas Disposal Systems

There’s no doubt about it: Texas Disposal Systems is changing the reputation of landfills. Utilizing programs that recycle and upcycle items that would normally be buried in the landfill, the TDS is the only landfill endorsed by the Sierra Club. Their goal at TDS is to be stewards of the land and to give back to the community at every turn.

Exotic Game Ranch

Rhino at Exotic Game Ranch

Photo: Facebook/Texas Disposal Systems 

One of the ways that TDS strives to give back to the community if through the use of their exotic game ranch, cabins, and pavilions. The ranch land is comprised of land that is under permit for future landfill expansion and a portion of the buffer zone next to the permitted boundary of the landfill and compost operations. The Exotic Game Ranch houses over 2,000 animals, 100 species from six to seven different continents. At this time, the Game Ranch is not open to the public but private tours are available to organizations.

An Elegant Venue Down-Wind of the Landfill

The Pavilion at TDS

Photo: Facebook/Texas Disposal Systems 

The Pavilion that sits on the property serves a few different purposes – one of which is to prove that humans can peacefully (and happily) co-exist with a landfill, as the structure was intentionally built down-wind from the landfill (and no one has complained about an odor yet). Texas Disposal Systems has hosted more than 2,000 events at the pavilion and has never charged groups for the use of the facility. They’ve played host to such charities as the Cattle Baron’s Ball and Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation.

Giving back to the community and leaving the earth better than when we arrived are central ideas that have propelled TDS to success. Their mission is to provide the highest quality waste processing services while keeping the best interests of our customers, employees, and environment a priority. To learn more about Texas Disposal Systems (and to watch a fascinating video on how they operate), visit their website.