Texas Driver Does Donuts in the Middle of I-45

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Traffic stopped completely on I-45 at Aldine Bender on Sunday evening in Houston, but it wasn’t due to the typical reasons Houstonians are used to, like a multiple car wreck or construction. This time, it was a single vehicle managing to take up every lane while doing donuts on the highway.

KHOU reports that it isn’t unknown what happened to the crazed SUV that had a deeply dented front end and opened hood. ABC 13 points out that all of the tires appeared flat as well. At this time, there are no reports as to whether the not the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There is a possibility that the driver was attempting to get away from the scene, but couldn’t help but drive in circles due to the significantly deflated front tire.

In the video posted to Facebook by Antrees Routt, several drivers who were forced to stop on I-45 to wait on the wildly traveling car got out of their vehicles to film the incident and wait for the authorities. Perhaps the onlookers were also getting ready to run if they had to because the SUV could have easily spun into their direction. No injuries were reported.