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Man Arrested in Texas for Driving with $1M Worth of Meth

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On Saturday afternoon, a Texas State Trooper pulled over a man from Oklahoma City to find that he was carrying almost $1 million work of meth with him in his car. He was pulled over and arrested about 20 miles east of Amarillo on I-40.

According to Crime Watch Daily, the man was driving with methamphetamine stuffed inside his 2003 Nissan sedan. Originally, he was only being pulled over for a traffic violation, but ended up receiving a charge for a felony for “possession of a controlled substance.”

The Texas Department of Public Safety has contained the 12-pounds of meth they found. The man had even hid the meth inside the rocker panels. (Rocker panels run along the lower sides of cars and provide reinforcement and help lessen damage during collisions.)

Crime Watch Daily says that the man was on his way back home to Oklahoma City. He had been driving with the meth all the way from San Diego where he picked up the $1 million worth of drugs. The driver is only 20-years-old, and his name has been released as Ernesto Ayala. Reports say he was taken to Carson County jail.