Texas Elementary Principal Takes ‘Elf on a Shelf’ to a New Level

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Principal Kelly Magin of Central Elementary in Stephenville (North Texas) has an alter ego inspired by the sensation parents know well called “Elf on a Shelf,” which involves a mischievous elf surprising kids by ending up in unlikely settings each morning. Magin’s elf-self is named Mistletoe, and every Friday since Thanksgiving, she’s found an excitingly unsuspecting place to show up. This week, she swung in a Christmasy swing from a large tree as students arrived.

According to Fox 4, “[Magin’s] students’ reactions have been priceless. Some are pretty sure it’s her. She does dress up often. But others think maybe she’s really a magical elf who works as a principal and some just believe she’s Mistletoe.”

On December 2nd she was, very bravely, perched high on top of the school’s sign. Parents and students have been very impressed by MIs’s adventurous feats. “I saw it i had to look twice i thought i was seeing things lol,” Erika Acosta commented on the Facebook photo. Even though Magin was hiding in plain sight, it’s not every day someone spots a principal who is willing to dress up as an elf and sit on top of a two-story tall sign to greet children as they arrive!

This week, she’s well into planning another fun location for Mistletoe to be discovered in.