Texas Family Road Trip Survey: Surprising Findings This Holiday Season

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What’s the most stressful part of coming together for a Texas family holiday? Is it the potential political arguments? Is it the thought of having to listen to Uncle Harold pick his teeth again? Is it the pending fight your dad will have with his brother over the holiday football games? No. In fact, it’s none of the above according to a recent survey released by Chevrolet.

According to the company, over half of Texas families recently surveyed regarding their most stressful moments responded that traffic ranked highest on their anxiety meters. Survey findings released on November 14 indicated that not only were these Lone Star State families concerned about traffic, but they wished they could be doing so in larger SUVs! Partnering with Harris Pole to complete the project, Chevrolet found that for the good old-fashioned family road trip, Texan parents wanted to breeze through without heavy congestion on the roads before they were worried about whether the kids were entertained or repeatedly hearing “Are we there yet?” on their way out to West Texas (or the Panhandle, or wherever Granny’s place may be.) And, over respondents in Florida, California, or even New York, Texans wanted a large, comfortable ride.

Texas Family Road Trip Survey: Surprising Findings This Holiday Season

Photo: Chevrolet

As part of a national survey on the great American road trip, Chevrolet wanted to gauge Texans’ enthusiasm towards hitting the road for their holiday trips, and found that parents now typically “…bring an average of 6.6 mobile devices in the vehicle on family road trips.” They also referenced the ability to have added peace of mind for long rides with new, in-car technology that exists on the market, citing that technology tends to make gridlock a little more bearable, allowing the kids to keep busy with more than just the Alphabet Game. And, with extra storage space and USB outlets, available WIFI, Apple CarPlay options, and Android Auto compatibility, crossovers, SUVs, and extended pickups are becoming more appealing for long rides. It sure beats the days of the old station wagons, packed to the brim, with every possession known to man jammed around the kids while Mom and Dad read the Rand McNally in a frantic effort to avoid the traffic jam that lies ahead. Enjoy your family road trips this holiday season, and make the most of your time together, be it abroad or right here in the heart of Texas!