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Texas Flooding Death Toll Rises as Bodies of 2 Motorists Found

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The death toll from the recent flooding rose from two to four after torrential rain swamped rivers in the area unexpectedly last week.

Outside of Houston, the Brazos River rose fiercely as the rain continued to pound the area. While the Memorial Day weekend was essentially rain-free, the rivers were still high in many towns as roadways were still covered. As US News reported, “Evacuation orders were issued on Saturday for parts of two Texas cities along the Brazos River near Houston.”

The two missing motorists were located in Washington County along rural roadways, doubling the previous death toll. Pyarali Umatiya, 59, and Darren Charles Mitchell, 21, were each found near their submerged vehicles. Mobile homes and other non-foundation structures were washed away in the torrential rains. As over 16.5 inches of rain fell and over 50 water rescues were performed, officials hope that no other missing reports end in the finding of bodies.

The Brazos River “was likely to rise to the highest level ever recorded in the county”, which has led to a mandatory evacuation of over 800 residents. The city of Rosenberg has also issued a mandatory evacuation of homes near the Brazos River. Other residents are urged to use extreme caution when setting out on the roadways and to avoid intersections that are prone to flooding.