Is Texas a Fun State? Find Out How Texas Ranks Up

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Has there ever really been any doubt in your mind that being from, living in, or visiting Texas is fun? Well, if there was, now there’s a study that proves just how much fun can truly be had in the Lone Star State. Apparently, we take enjoying life to a whole new level!

WalletHub, the personal-finance website, took it upon themselves to delve into what makes our spring and summer downtime so much fun, and with the kids or grandchildren on vacation from school, you’re going to want to check some of this out! Releasing its report entitled “2019’s Most Fun States in America,” researchers looked at not only the amount of fun to be had, but also the amount of money it costs to enjoy. There’s no sense telling someone they can get out there and do things, if they can’t afford to. So cost-effectiveness played an integral role in the report. In the grand scheme of things, our beloved state ranked tenth overall.

Video: YouTube/WalletHub

Shared on its YouTube channel, WalletHub posted the study results for “2019’s Most Fun States in America” in a handy video. In addition to cost-effectiveness, WalletHub researched Texas (in comparison to all of the other states) in 26 data points, with details ranging from number and accessibility of national parks, costs for going to the movies, and even the number of casinos per person (for the fun-loving adult in all of us). With a scale of number one being “most fun,” to number 25 being “average,” Texas did quite well. But that wasn’t news to us, now was it?

We came in first for both the number of restaurants as well as the number of movie theaters per person. Not only that, but we scored tops for amusement parks per capita, followed by ranking fifth for fitness centers, tenth for performing arts theaters, and sixteenth for golf courses and country clubs. The full report is available at the link provided here. However, the likelihood that you’ll be shocked by our intense love of a good time isn’t strong. If anything, you might be thinking they left a few true Texas pastimes out of the mix!