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Texas Gov. Abbott: 1,2,3,4, He Declares a Twitter War

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It appears a Twitter war has erupted between Texas Governor Greg Abbott and a Texas delegate who refused to vote for President-elect Donald Trump. The governor tweeted Tuesday morning, “@TheChrisSuprun: YOU’RE FIRED!!!”

In his response implying that Abbott and some of his staff ignored public threats against electors, Suprun was quick to state that he had resigned.

Known as the “faithless elector” and the poster person for calling for other electors, such as himself, to vote for someone other than Trump, Suprun said he would cast his ballot for another Republican “more qualified to run the nation.”

Abbott’s December 20th tweet drew both positive and negative reactions which continue to be posted. The tweet was still live on his account when this article was written, and the full discourse can be viewed here.