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Texas Grandmother Shoves Would-Be Thief Attempting Armed Robbery

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Foiling an attempted robbery in a local jewelry store, a Texas grandmother is being hailed as a hero. How did she do it? She shooed the armed robber out of the store he was trying to rob. The grandmother of five did her handy work in Houston on December 19 and a video of the feat is available on Magan M. Hunt’s YouTube channel.

The robber fled the scene, but not before having fired his gun three times over her should. An employee of the shop, Judy Memmel, the grandmother in question, told KPRC, “When he came up to the door and I looked at him, I said, ‘We’re not open,’” and she denied him access. He tried again to gain entry to the store but Memmel stood up to him and blocked him.

“I shoved him and said, ‘No! You’re not coming in!’” she explained. Store surveillance video footage showed the gunman arriving at the store two hours before it was scheduled to open that day, and waiting around the corner for it to open for business. He had a suit on and was holding a briefcase when he got there. As the employees unlocked the store’s security gate, went inside, and disarmed its security system, the gunman followed behind them seconds later. The video showed Memmel, an employee of Houston Jewelry for two decades, push the would-be robber out the store door while he aimed his gun and shot at something just past her. And, after pushing him out the door, it further shows her calmly locking the door and walking away. “I was mad and I wasn’t going to let him in,” she explained to the news. “To me, that was the thing to do: give him a shove.”