Texas Grilling 101: Pizza? You’re Going to Want to Try This

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Although we’ve often discussed the great grilling that we Texans are known for, there’s one thing we haven’t discussed, and that’s grilling pizza. Some will roll their eyes at the thought of it; others will bookmark this page because they’re amped to try it out. If you’ve never actually tried grilled pizza, you’re in for a treat.

Step-by-step tutorials are available online (where all sorts of truthful and helpful details can be found!) with easy methods to this madness of grilling a pizza. You may wonder why anyone would attempt such strange behavior, but the same flavor we love in our meat can also be injected to any number of food items, not the least of which is pizza. Thanks to the high temperatures you can achieve with a barbecue, you can produce some of the best-tasting pizza you’ve ever had! This recipe, in particular, comes from Simply Recipes, and it can help you make a pizza pie so good you just might not want to share.

Grilled Pizza

Texas Grilling 101: Pizza? You’re Going to Want to Try This


Key ingredients include:

Pizza dough

Standard toppings

Olive Oil

Flour or cornmeal


Simply Recipes is considerably helpful in outlining grilling technique and steps for a pizza, prior to the actual production of one. In Texas, it never hurts to talk about such things… even if you consider yourself to be somewhat of an expert. They even go as far as to outline the “Make Ahead Instructions” which is rare for some recipes – as you generally have a good idea how to prep a recipe. In this instance, you’re cooking with a considerably different method than the traditional pizza. Grilling will necessitate some advance steps. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and when that unique grilled flavor finds its way into your pizza, we’ll bet you’ll be glad you gave it a try.