Texas Hill Country Beer Run: Where to Order a Flight & Drink Up

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Not so long ago, the Texas Hill Country’s craft brewery and beer scene was a niche that needed to be filled. Thankfully, some brilliant business-minded brew masters determined to do just that, and over the course of the past few years, have dedicated themselves and their talented staff to the task of bridging the beer gap. Now, with a number of high-quality beers to choose from out of several breweries, the hills are alive with the sound of happy Cicerones.

In layman’s terms, a cicerone is a beer lover, expert, or aficionado. And now, their biggest dilemma is that there are so many wonderful breweries to choose just one; they have a hard time determining where to start and how to visit them all. So, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a few great places to order a flight and drink up!

1. Pint and Plow Brewing, Kerrville

Texas Hill Country Beer Run: Where to Order a Flight & Drink Up

Photo: Facebook/Pint & Plow Brewing Co

The Pint & Plow Brewing Company was founded by two brothers plus one “craft beer genius” according to their website. They believed that excellent craft beer together with great food had the power to create a community and bring people together. They also wished to inspire positive growth in their local economy. Open daily from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. (except Tuesdays), Pint & Plow has created a new gathering place for friends in Kerrville, and they anticipate being able to offer tours of their facility in the near future. Until such time, you’re invited to visit, eat, and of course drink and be merry!

2. AquaBrew Restaurant & Brewery, San Marcos

Texas Hill Country Beer Run: Where to Order a Flight & Drink Up

Photo: Facebook/AquaBrew

AquaBrew Restaurant & Brewery in San Marcos has a mission to raise the bar on hospitality in their area with a “holistic dining experience that stimulates all the senses,” according to their website. From their building made of reclaimed local materials (century-old wood to be exact) to their friendly, knowledgeable service, to their new varieties and beer releases, they do their utmost to create a tasting experience which is second-to-none. Together with Executive Chef Joe Feldmann, the brewery and restaurant provide their guests with Modern American cuisine pairings that dance on the palate!

3. Pedernales Brewing, Fredericksburg

Texas Hill Country Beer Run: Where to Order a Flight & Drink Up

Photo: Wikimedia

Pedernales Brewing in Fredericksburg has a 7th generation Texan at the helm in the form of Lee Hereford. A Fredericksburg resident since 1985, he has several years’ success in the wine industry, selling fine product throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, eventually retiring from that industry to establish the brewery in 2009. Together with his brewmaster, Peter McFarlane (with a Bachelor of Science and decades of experience in the beer and wine industries), and Steve Honea, Managing Member (also a native Texas, with a BBA degree in Business Management), the trio make hops and barley sing and welcome visitors to their place of business to try some truly award-winning product.

4. Guadalupe Brewing, New Braunfels

Texas Hill Country Beer Run: Where to Order a Flight & Drink Up

Photo: Facebook/Guadalupe Brewing Company

Guadalupe Brewing in New Braunfels began their planning process in 2009, then its owners successfully graduated from the Siebel Institute in brewing science, followed-up by hands-on training in Colorado. They opened their doors in 2012 and successfully distribute throughout Texas from their facility here in the Texas Hill Country. They take great pride in being a small craft brewery and put their heart into their product, coordinating unique, award-winning beers such as Texas Honey Ale, Gruene Anole India Red Ale, and even Pumpkin Style Texas Honey Ale to name just a few!

5. Middleton Brewing, San Marcos

Texas Hill Country Beer Run: Where to Order a Flight & Drink Up

Photo: Public Domain Pictures

Middleton Brewing in San Marcos features a tap wall with 15 varieties of beer at their 10-barrel facility. They offer delicious ales and world class beer in a welcoming atmosphere and opened their doors to the public in 2011. Open each day (except Tuesday), their hours of operation are provided on their website, and they can also be found across social media platforms. Their beers include the likes of Garnet – Belgian Amber, Pepperhead IPA – Green Chile IPA, and The Bourbon Barrel Blues to name a few. They host a number of open events, including parties on their patio, and welcome newcomers to the beer-tasting process as well as to the Texas Hill Country!