A Texas Hill Country Care Package: What to Include

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A care package is one of the best ways to send loved ones a little piece of home; whether they’re deployed service members, students away at college, or simply a friend or family member that’s had to move away. They can also be a great way for everyone to stay connected while apart. If you have a friend or family member that could use a little pick-me-up from the Texas Hill Country, here are some ideas on what to include.

Pictures From Home

A Texas Hill Country Care Package: What to Include

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Few ways surpass sending pictures of home in terms of expressing your care and love for a missing loved one. Take pictures to include in their care package. Shoot photos of their favorite locales, their pets outdoors, your kids doing things in the Hill Country that perhaps your loved one also enjoyed, the house, their friends, and anything else you think the recipient might be missing. You could even make them a calendar or load pictures into a digital picture frame. If you want the photos to be professionally done, there are a number of photographers who will take location shots in the Texas Hill Country as well.

Baked Goods & Non-Perishable Items

A Texas Hill Country Care Package: What to Include

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Perhaps your loved one had a favorite treat that reminded them of home, or maybe they regularly visited a local bakery, restaurant, or roadside stand. If so, why not bake them up a batch of something wonderfully delicious? Why not buy a box of cookies, kolaches, or a tarts from their favorite Texas Hill Country sweet spot? And when considering what they might want to snack on, maybe they have a favorite beef jerky, trail mix, or local snack pack from a Hill Country small business. Throw those in as well!

Personalized Items

A Texas Hill Country Care Package: What to Include

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If the recipient had a favorite band they followed from the state or the region, perhaps look online or ask the group where you can purchase MP3s and CDs. If there was a movie or magazines, books, and posters that perhaps reminded them of the Hill Country, see where you can score these items to include in their stash. And look for local products that might also be everyday necessities, such as local sunscreen products, lip balms, soaps, and shampoos. The Texas Hill Country is teeming with products that can remind them of home sweet home!