Texas Hill Country Cheesemakers Turn Milk Into Something Delicious

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Texas Hill Country cheesemakers exist. Many small farms produce artisan cheeses from cows or goats. Though these businesses don’t typically open their doors to the public, you can still purchase their cheeses from area farmers markets. You haven’t tasted fresh until you’ve sampled some of the locally produced cheeses from Texas Hill Country cheesemakers.

Pure Luck Farm and Dairy

Texas Hill Country cheesemakers Pure Luck Goat Cheese use goat milk for their cheese.

Photo: Facebook/Pure Luck Farm and Dairy

Located in Dripping Springs, near Austin, Pure Luck Farm and Dairy produces goat milk cheeses, such as feta, various flavors of chevre, blue cheese, and Sainte Maure. Since the farm is home to the cheese-producing goats, the cheese made is called farmstead. Though the farm does not offer tours, you can still attend workshops at the farm and find its cheeses in many shops in Austin specializing in locally produced foods.

CKC Farms

CKC Farms won second place in October 2016 for its blue cheese at the American Dairy Goat Association Cheese Competition.

Photo: Facebook/CKC Farms

Blanco, Texas, has not only lavender farms but also goat farms. Many Texas Hill Country cheesemakers often milk goats for small batch cheeses, just as CKC Farms does. Three to four times a week, the cheesemakers produce their wares from fresh goat milk. So, more people can enjoy the cheese, they use vegetarian rennet. Since the milk’s flavor comes from what the goats eat, the flavor of the cheeses changes slightly throughout the year, producing a new taste experience each time you eat the cheese. Like other small farms, CKC is not open to the public. Find their cheeses at area Texas Hill Country farmers markets.

Dos Lunas Artisan Cheese

Texas Hill Country cheesemakers Dos Lunas Artisan Cheese use milk from Schulenburg.

Photo: Facebook/Dos Lunas Artisan Cheese

Though the milk comes from Schulenburg cows at Stryk Jersey Farm, the cheese made by Dos Lunas Artisan Cheese comes from Austin. Unlike other Texas Hill Country cheesemakers, Dos Lunas uses cows’ milk to produce a variety of cheeses. While you can’t visit the cheesemaker, you can pick up Dos Lunas at many stores in the Austin area. Many Austinite restauranteurs also serve the cheese in their recipes, so you can sample local fare at those places, too.