Texas Hill Country Décor & Design Trends to Follow

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You live in the Texas Hill Country (or you want to perhaps), and you’re inspired by the look of the area in efforts to decorate your home. So what specifically makes up a Texas Hill Country look? Many say it’s a wide-open feeling to the living space, it’s a character and appeal all its own, and it has a bit of western flare to it. If you’re looking to dress up your home, or you’re simply interested in the concept of this type of residence, here are some ideas to consider for décor and design that provide a truly authentic Texas Hill Country look and feel.

Rustic Beams

Texas Hill Country Décor & Design Trends To Follow

Photo: Pinterest/Ana Cranmer

The appeal of the old beams in this design has not gone unnoticed in the industry. So much so in fact, that the concept of refurbishing barns into apartment or homes has grown in leaps and bounds as of late.

High Ceilings With On-Trend Lighting That Draws the Eye Upwards

Texas Hill Country Décor & Design Trends To Follow

Photo: Pinterest/Aby Chismar

High ceilings lend an air of the grandiose to a comfortable Texas Hill Country home. The lighting fixture chosen here only suits to complement the look and bring the viewer’s eyes upward. It also accentuates the other wooden trim/features in the room, including the mantle, mirror, and window casings.

Ornate Leather or Rustic Furnishings That are Functional & Comfortable

Texas Hill Country Décor & Design Trends To Follow

Photo: Pinterest/Shelbi Dodson

Furnishings that blend in with the setting comfortably, but which also have a western design flare to them that make them stand out, are always on point with a Texas Hill Country concept and design plan. Being user-friendly is imperative, however, since there’s no sense decorating with objects and pieces that you’ll never feel comfortable on or with.