See Texas Hill Country From a Drone’s View

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The Texas Hill Country is quite literally the heart of Texas. It doesn’t matter which direction you are driving from, whether it’s from the flat, dusty red dirt of West Texas, the grassy, mesquite dotted prairies, or from the tall pines of East Texas, there is nothing more breathtaking than the very moment you set eyes those beautiful rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country.

Weary travelers certainly get a burst of excitement upon seeing the beauty that the hills bring, but the waters of the Hill Country should not be downplayed either. Rivers and lakes break up the landscape with refreshing waterfalls, natural pools, and fresh, sparkling waters that will quench the tired soul. If you have never laid eyes on Texas’ most beloved landscape, then now’s the time to take a look at what all the hype is about. YouTube user Pomegranite Sunshine posted a video taken of the Texas Hill Country from a drone. The video gives an amazing view of the most majestic landscape in Texas.