All About Texas Hill Country Figs

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Figs don’t get the respect they deserve, probably because few people have tried these fruits fresh. The sweet flavor of a freshly picked fig cannot be paralleled by any other fruit. Sadly, figs have both high sugar and moisture contents, which dramatically reduce their shelf lives. This means that you’ve likely never seen fresh figs in a grocery store, or if you have, they only lasted for a week or two.

Grown in Texas

Fresh Figs on a Tree

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Figs require long growing seasons and warm weather to properly produce. Texas Hill Country fig growers have to be cautious about drought as these trees tend to get stressed when they lack water. Many figs people acquire in the area come from backyard fig trees, where homeowners can leave the fruit on the tree until they are ready to use it. If you want to purchase fresh figs from a farmer, you may want to opt for a pick your own option or visiting the farm.

Types Grown in Texas

Split Brown Turkey Fig

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Just as apples have varieties such as Granny Smith and Red Delicious, figs, too have different varieties. Certain types grow better in the Hill Country than others. Most of those grown tend to be Texas Everbearing, also known as Brown Turkey. Celeste and Alma are two other varieties frequently grown in Texas, though Celeste is more likely to be seen in the Texas Hill Country as it bears colder weather better than Alma. The Celeste variety makes great preserves, whereas Texas Everbearing tastes better fresh. If you’re not certain of the variety you purchased, ask the grower.

When to Find These Fruits in the Texas Hill Country

Fresh Figs Whole and Sliced
Photo: Pixabay

Depending on the variety, these fruits may become available throughout the summer, but most ripen in July and August. Though the weather may feel too hot for picking fruit or driving to farms, if you visit in the morning, you’ll avoid the worst of the afternoon heat.

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