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Texas Hill Country Goats & Yoga: Putting the ‘MAAAA’ in Namaste

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The area of the Texas Hill Country around Fredericksburg, Kerrville, and Comfort has gained notoriety as a booming tourist destination. Between the beautiful vistas, impressive wine region, and quaint small-town atmosphere, this part of the state has folks flocking to it all year long to relax and recharge. What you might be interested to learn, though, is that Comfort, Texas, is also home to another delightfully entertaining excursion. You may have noticed that the trend of “Goat Yoga” is sweeping the nation. This popular attraction has now reached the Texas Hill Country. In fact, with Texas Hill Country Goats & Yoga, you can not only do yoga with adorable baby goats, but also celebrate your birthday among the “kids” or even enjoy lunch, while you relish in the antics of one of nature’s most adorable cloven-hoofed critters.

Goat Yoga Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

goat yoga

Photo: Nuluv Goat Milk Products

The brainchild of Nuluv Goat Milk Products founder, Jonna Davis, this yoga class isn’t for people looking to really push past the limits of their flexibility and challenge themselves to reach new levels of Zen. The yoga class that you’ll experience with Texas Hill Country Goats & Yoga is largely about whimsy and the cute “kids.” These hour-long yoga classes, held every Saturday, are led by certified instructors and will take you through many of the traditional poses and flows that you’d expect from a traditional yoga class. The only difference between Texas Hill Country Goats & Yoga and your local yoga classes is that here, you’ll be surrounded by baby goats who may decide to jump on your back during “table” pose or nibble your sleeve during “downward dog.” These popular classes tend to fill up quickly and are for ages 10 and up.

Nuluv Goat Milk Products Sold in 200 Stores and Online

Nuluv products

Photo: Nuluv Goat Milk Products

When Jonna Davis got her first goat, Goat Yoga certainly wasn’t on her radar. Struggling with milk allergies after her first child was born, Davis’ husband, who grew up on a goat farm himself, tried the only thing he knew to do: he brought home a goat. Using the goat’s milk to help feed the Davis’ infant helped immensely. As the Davis’ herd of goats grew, Jonna sought out new things to do with the goat milk. She started researching recipes for lotions and soaps to soothe her own sensitive skin and created some goat milk skin products. What started as Christmas gifts for friends and family quickly spread like wildfire. Now, eight years later, Nuluv has a loyal following in Texas and other parts of the United States. Nuluv Goat Milk Products are now sold in over 200 stores and can also be purchased online, via their website or even on Amazon.

The Happiest Goats in the Texas Hill Country

happy goats

Photo: Nuluv Goat Milk Products

You might be wondering what sets Nuluv Goat Milk Products apart from other goat milk lotions and soaps. Well, first of all, the Davis’ are one of the few (and largest) goat dairies who still milk all of their goats by hand, twice a day–yes, even on Christmas! Also, the goats have names, and the whole family dotes on them, remarking on their unique personalities and quirks. It’s safe to say that the fresh goat milk used to create the Nuluv Goat Milk Products is lovingly acquired, utilized, and comes from exceedingly happy goats.

Nuluv is famous for their body butters, lotions, and soaps and is constantly working on recipes for new products. People swear by the healing properties of goat milk products, including those who suffer from allergies, psoriasis, and acne-prone skin. Be sure to check out these incredible products and make plans to take a break from your wine-tasting and Hill Country boutique-shopping with an invigorating and soul-soothing Texas Hill Country Goats & Yoga class–we dare you not to enjoy every minute with those baby goats! To learn more, visit the Nuluv Goat Milk Product website or follow them on Facebook.