A Texas Guide to Planning the Perfect Hill Country Wedding

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Congratulations! You have met the love of your life and are ready to set out on your next big adventure: planning your dream wedding. Thankfully, the Hill Country of Texas has all of the components necessary to create a beautiful and memorable day for both you and your guests. Perfect weather, gorgeous venues, and everything you need to complete the most intricate of details can be found right here in the heart of the Lone Star State. However, organizing an event of this magnitude can be a daunting task. That is why we have assembled this planning guide to help you nail down the essential pieces of your special day.

Essential #1—Choosing the Right Date

Texas Hill Country's Guide to Planning the Perfect Hill Country Wedding Picture Courtesy of Kristin Cochran Photography

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Cochran Photography

Before you can begin assembling the fine details of your wedding, you must first choose a date. While this may seem to be one of the simpler steps in the litany of “to do’s” associated with planning your big day, it could have a dramatic effect on the style of wedding you choose and the number of guests who are able to attend. As you begin searching for the perfect date, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Weather– The Knot, a well-known wedding planning website, notes the fall season as the most popular time to wed throughout the majority of the state, mostly due to more reliable weather. However, that does not mean that beautiful ceremonies cannot take place at any time throughout the year! For instance, if you have your heart set on a summer wedding, just make sure you take the proper steps to ensure your guests’ comfort. Some ways this can be accomplished are to provide plenty of shade, fans for cooling, and lots of ice water to drink.
  • Conflicting Dates– Keep in mind as you browse through the calendar that certain dates are better than others simply because they do not conflict with major holidays. While the thought of a Christmas wedding may sound good in theory, know invitees may not be willing to sacrifice time with their families.
  • Cost– Finally, the date you choose to exchange your vows can impact the overall cost of your wedding. In a 2016 study conducted by The Knot, weddings that occurred in central Texas were estimated to cost just under $30,000. According to, peak wedding months are from May to Oct. Choosing a date outside of this window may help you save on overall costs.

Essential #2—The Venue

Texas Hill Country's Guide to Planning the Perfect Hill Country Wedding Pictures Courtesy of Kristin Cochran Photography
Photo Courtesy Kristin Cochran Photography

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