Texas Hill Country Hikes for Making Memories Outdoors

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One of the best times to go on hikes in the Texas Hill Country is the fall. Temperatures cool enough to make walking a breeze rather than a chore. Though the scenery in the Hill Country never fails to astound, the views during these hikes make them especially memorable. The next time you want to get out and enjoy nature, consider trying some of these Texas Hill Country hikes.

1. Pedernales Falls State Park – Johnson City

Pedernales Falls State Park has many memorable Texas Hill Country hikes

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Though Pedernales Falls State Park hosts numerous trails, the Wolf Mountain Trail tends to rank as a great hike. This trail takes you six miles through remote areas of the park. If you want a hike to get away from it all, try the rarely traveled Wolf Mountain Trail. But don’t miss the other great Texas Hill Country hikes in Pedernales Falls State Park. Many of the most popular trails meander along the river to take in views of the picturesque falls.

2. Gorman Falls – Bend

Gorman Falls is at the end of one of the most picturesque Texas Hill Country hikes

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Gorman Falls appears unexpectedly at the end of a short hike. This lush waterfall resembles something from the northwest of the United States, but it sits in Colorado Bend State Park waiting for visitors. The round-trip hike, which you can take with a ranger, only lasts two hours, which makes it short enough for just about anyone to enjoy.

3. Lost Maples State Natural Area – Vanderpool

Lost Maples State Natural Area has numerous Texas Hill Country hikes you won't forget

Photo: Flickr/Adam Baker

The best time to go to Lost Maples State Natural Area is in the fall when the trees in the park turn into vibrant shades of gold and red. The 10 miles of trails include overlooks from 2200-foot cliffs and natural springs. In October and November, you can check out the most current fall foliage report online. And since the park is so popular in the fall, it can close due to reaching capacity. Visit on a weekday if possible to avoid the crowds.

4. Hill Country State Natural Area – Bandera

Texas Hill Country State Natural Area features many miles of undeveloped trails

Photo: Flickr/lamoix

For a trip off the beaten path, check out Hill Country State Natural Area near Bandera. Fans of this park enjoy the 40 miles of hiking trails and primitive nature of the area. Be ready for some advanced hikes since some of the paths take you up steep cliffs and down into valleys. Note that while this natural area does have a few restrooms, you will not have access to potable water. Be prepared and bring your own. Also, watch out for horse and bike riders who may also share the trails.

5. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area – Fredericksburg

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most iconic images amongst the Texas Hill Country hikes is the view from Enchanted Rock. This natural area surrounds the giant pink granite dome of Enchanted Rock, but many forget that this place has 11 miles of hiking trails, in addition to rock climbing and other activities. This park ranks as one of the most popular in the Texas Hill Country and can get very busy on weekends. Arrive early or plan to come on a weekday if you want to avoid being locked out for the park reaching capacity.