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Texas Hill Country Restaurant Catches a Ghost on Video

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A couple who established a restaurant in the Texas Hill Country might have unwittingly picked up a tenant in the process. According to video details released by Joe and April Ward from OnLive Hall of Fame Café in San Antonio, a spirit of some fashion (and not the drinking kind) appears to have made a home in their restaurant, and now it’s the talk of Texas.

The Wards stated that on prior occasions, they sensed some eerie signs, but chalked them up to coincidence or a busy mind playing tricks on them. However, they noted that when they started to see décor move around on its own following closing time, they opted for cameras to corroborate their story. Those who don’t believe they’ll get chills from it can watch the video at the link provided here. The restaurant opened in November of 2017, and since then, these small “run-ins” have become more regular.

The Wards say their surveillance cameras have picked up what they believe to be a child-sized ghost who appears to be making use of their restaurant as a sort of playground after operating hours. As far as ghost tours, they’ve stated that people have since been in contact with them, and they plan to have overnight guests at the OnLive Hall of Fame Café the weekend of June 30/July 1. Whether there is truly a specter of some sort taking up residence in this Texas Hill Country café remains to be seen…or unseen, as the case may be.