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Texas Hill Country Wineries Producing Powerfully Good Vintages

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Texas Hill Country wineries are producing some mighty fine product, from crisp, clear whites to beautifully robust reds. Not only that but they’re situated in some of the most gorgeous countryside to boot! Gaining nationwide recognition, some of these wineries are broadening their horizons and selling outside of the state, while others still prefer to market their Texas Hill Country wines within the Lone Star State. And being located in the second largest AVA in the United States can’t hurt your reputation any. With over nine million acres to its name, the Texas Hill Country climate and terroir matches nicely with similar regions in Spain and southern France, helping produce some powerfully good vintages in this region that collectors and connoisseurs alike have savored. Here are three great Texas Hill Country wineries that are doing just that.

1. Becker Vineyards

Texas Hill Country Wineries Producing Powerfully Good Vintages

Photo: Facebook/Becker Vineyards

Becker Vineyards produces approximately 1.3 million bottles of wine annually, and its location in the Hill Country adds a few timely benefits. If you’re visiting in May or June, the likelihood of seeing a field of lavender in full bloom in proximity to the tasting room increases greatly. And the start of summer brings a second opportunity for the very same. If you want to avoid crowds, try planning your visit in the middle of the week, if possible, but if not, tours at Becker Vineyards are typically scheduled every half-hour on weekends to keep up with the demand. While you’re waiting, have a tasting and enjoy the Hill Country vistas!

2. Pedernales Cellars

Texas Hill Country Wineries Producing Powerfully Good Vintages

Photo: Facebook/Pedernales Cellars

Pedernales Cellars is a great stop on a wine tour in Fredericksburg. It leaves a certain impression that’s hard to beat. An award winning winery, they feature a beautiful patio with 360degree views of the Texas Hill Country. Their grapes are sourced from many of their counterparts in the region and there’s no need to book in advance for tastings. Many a time, there will also be live music for ambience, and visitors can wander the property to have a look around. It’s a wonderful atmosphere to have a glass of wine in!

3. Duchman Family Winery

Texas Hill Country Wineries Producing Powerfully Good Vintages

Photo: Facebook/Duchman Family Winery

With a beautiful stone tasting room and an Italian restaurant to relax and enjoy your dining experience as much as your wine tasting experience, Duchman Family Winery is a Texas Hill Country producer of majority Italian styles with 100 percent Texas grapes. And by far, they are the most affordable of their kind. Their property is a pleasant reminder of all the wine tasting images you may already have had in your head and were hoping to actually experience, and you can do that all here, in the Texas Hill Country.