A Texas Hurricane Cocktail That Sneaks Up and Blows You Over

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With a fruity flavor and several different varieties of alcohol, the Texas Hurricane cocktail packs the kind of punch you’d expect. This Lone Star State tribute to the type of tropical storms we’re known to endure is something you’ll want to pace yourself with, but its sweet taste will tempt even the staunchest of teetotalers out of their cocoons. Step into the Texas summer sunshine for an afternoon of imbibing that’s second-to-none!

Texas summers are known for being scorchers. So, the requirement to cool off at the end of your day is simply a necessity. Trying to do so with a drink that makes you feel like you truly kicked up your feet doesn’t have to be hard, and the Texas Hurricane cocktail certainly fits the bill. Similar to its namesake storm, this drink has a tendency to blow you away if you’re not careful, but the juice concoction that goes into the mix makes you almost feel like it takes you by surprise. Shared on allrecipes.com, this drink is the kind you’ll want to experience on a Friday night… since going to work the next day might require some first responders and a clean-up crew, if you’re not careful.

Texas Hurricane

A Texas Hurricane Cocktail That Sneaks Up and Blows You Over


Key ingredients for this cocktail include:




Orange Juice

Pineapple Juice

Grenadine Syrup


The full measurements and step-by-step instructions for creating the perfect Texas Hurricane cocktail to sip and savour are available on allrecipes.com at the link provided here. Preparation time is described as being 10 minutes in total, and the requirement for a hurricane glass isn’t a prerequisite, but it wouldn’t hurt. After filling the glass with ice, you’ll pour in the various measurements of alcohol as well as juice, and then there’s the addition of a little somethin’-somethin’ to put this drink over the top, and knock you out of your seat if you’re not careful! As a sweet southern cocktail, it definitely tips the scales in favor of making you feel relaxed. But as a hard-hitting Texas drink, it ranks right up there with the best of them!