Texas K-9 Officer Dies After Fireworks Upset

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K-9 Kim was a strong and beloved member of the Bay City Police Department. Sadly, ABC 13 reports that she passed away only a couple of nights into 2017.

On New Year’s Eve, Kim was startled by the noisy fireworks and managed to jump over the fence of her six-foot tall pen in Officer Keith Hatton’s yard. According to Cesar’s Way, this response is instinctual for dogs when they hear fireworks. “The sounds trigger their nervous systems, and they can become anxious or afraid. Running away from the noise is a survival instinct,” the website reads.

Kim showed up at Hatton’s doorstep, and he let her inside to sleep that night. But a couple of days later, Kim remembered that her flying leap led to freedom to explore so she escaped the pen again and wondered around. An hour after it was discovered she was missing, a driver confessed that they hit the dog with no time to stop their vehicle before impact.

The Bay City, Texas Police Department Facebook page quoted Animal Control Officer Dottie Grandstaff as saying, “Kim had two personalities. She had her off-duty, playful personality and she had her on-duty personality. When Kim was on-duty, she was all business.”