Exclusive Texas Launch for New Brand of Bourbon: It’s a Fistful

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William Grant & Sons, a distillery known for its Scotch whiskey, has taken a unique move in its business model with its new production line of bourbon. Debuting Fistful of Bourbon (named for its blend of five straight bourbons, aged no less than two years each), the company has opted to release the product in Texas for its first year, with plans to go national in 2019.

William Grant & Sons’ American ambassador, Charlotte Voisey, told Austin360, “William Grant & Sons are first and foremost Scotch whisky distillers, and blending whiskey is where our expertise truly lies. So when it came to making our own American whisky, we understood that blending bourbon was a fun angle to take. It’s a category of amazing liquids, in terms of price points and flavors, and we wanted something different to bring to the table.” William Grant & Sons is crystal clear on the fact that the company didn’t make the bourbon from start to finish. Instead, it sourced a spirit that had already been distilled and blended it to create the complex flavor profile of Fistful of Bourbon.

Texas Launch for New Type of Bourbon: It’s a Fistful

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The resulting bourbon is mellow in flavor and well-rounded. It stems from what can only be defined as both a science as well as an art. William Grant & Sons’ blending process is also integral for maintaining consistency from one batch to another, taking blending to an artform. Here in Texas, Fistful of Bourbon will be available at select retailers throughout the state, and has a suggested retail price of $24.99. The company chose to launch Fistful of Bourbon in the Lone Star State as a result of the microcosms that Texas cities can provide as a cross-section of the American market. As Voisey explained, Texas represents a huge market for bourbon, and the company was excited to see how the new bourbon will be accepted.