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Texas Once Again Leads in Population Growth: Find Out Why

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According to recent reports, in 2018, Texas grew larger in population compared to any other state in the country. The U.S. Census Bureau released the details on December 19, revealing the estimates from July 1 of 2017 through July 1 of 2018. With the largest numeric gain out of all 50 states, Texas added 379,128 residents.

This increase in our population doesn’t refer to only those who have moved to Texas over the course of one year. Ultimately, it’s a mixture of those folks and new births, as well as less people moving away from our fair state coupled with the number of deaths over the year in question. However, it’s been noted that the largest share of that growth does, in fact, come from new arrivals versus people leaving the state – a point noted by the state demographers.

Texas Once Again Leads in Population Growth: Find Out Why

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In comparison to the year previous, we haven’t broken any records. In truth, the state of Texas grew by close to 400,000 people from July 1 of 2016 through July 1 of 2017. The explanation for such growth was found to be in a mixture of things such as an improved economy (more jobs means great opportunity), a lower cost of living, increased investment in renewable energy, as well as growth in the tech industry. The full details can be found at the link available here. This past year’s growth has yet to be fully analyzed. However, it’s anticipated that further breakdown will be available early into the new year. In the meantime, Lila Valencia, a senior demographer with the Texas Demographic Center, told www.statesman.com, “There are slightly fewer births this year than last year. The impact of Hurricane Harvey could have made people move away or delay birth.” It’s anticipated that further results analysis will be reported in the coming weeks.