Texas Man Buys $1K Bottle of Ranch Dressing for Heartwarming Cause

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In the Dallas pizzeria Cane Rosso Pizza, a bottle of ranch dressing sat in a wood display case for over five years. Last week, a man bought it.

The sign on the wooden case read, “Side of delicious ranch dressing, $1,000.00,” and was a total joke, as reported by CBS DFW. The plastic bottle was merely a joke meant for those who prefer ranch dressing on their pizza because there’s only one rule at Cane Russo: no ranch, ever.

When the restaurant “heard about the fire that destroyed the Humane Society in Beaumont…, Cane Rosso held a fundraiser and that famous bottle of ranch was part of it.” That’s where James Tipton, the man who spent the money, comes in.

“It’s so legendary. I’ve kind of always thought about buying it. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to,” Tipton told CBS DFWHis kind act in finally buying the ranch dressing sent at least $1,000 over to the Humane Society in Beaumont.

Will Tipton use the bottle he paid so much for? Well, probably not as he plans to frame it as a reminder for others to reach out and help a cause or someone in need.