Texas Man Carves a Cross Out of a Tree Stump with a Chainsaw in His Front Yard

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There’s a curious sculpture sitting in Gary Ayers’s front yard on North Sylvania Avenue in Fort Worth, and it’s getting a lot of attention. To celebrate his strong Christian beliefs, Ayers enlisted the help of a friend to assist him in forming a cross out of a dying cottonwood tree on his property.

They carved the cross right out o the tall tree stump with a chainsaw, which gives the sculpture a rough, but interestingly textured look. Ayers notes that it reflects how we all feel like works-in-progress in this world. “Ya’ know, we’re all being worked on this life,” he told WFAA.

Ayers even added a “prayer request box” to sit next to the cross for people who are seeking a spiritual connection with the organic sculpture. Ayers said, “They’re not alone and there is something to look forward to. I think the one that meant the most was a couple that were homeless and living in their vehicle, looking for work and struggling with addiction. That one touched me.”

Luckily, Ayers’ neighbors in the Oakhurst neighborhood are very supportive of his creative decision. They’ve enjoyed the attention it has received along with the positive feelings it’s given people.