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Texas Man Catches 41-Pound Catfish in Lake Brownwood

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Russell Hair’s massive catfish broke a few local records and has given him the story and photograph of a lifetime.

On April 5, Russell Hair reeled in the catch of a lifetime from Lake Brownwood, which sits about an hour southeast of Abilene. Hair was out fishing with his four-year-old son when something began screaming on his line, according to Facebook Newswire.

The yellow catfish was 41 pounds and 46.25 inches long. Its mouth was eight inches wide and the fish had a girth of 29 inches. Can you imagine swimming in the same lake where this monster came from?

Currently the catfish is being researched to confirm that it’s the largest yellow catfish ever caught in Lake Brownwood. Regardless of the records, Hair is happy to have caught such a monster, especially with his son in tow.

It’s incredible because it seems like his catch is almost bigger than his boy! The catfish will definitely break at least one lake record, but Hair is waiting on confirmation before his name goes into the record books.

He caught the monster on a crank bait, so if you’re heading out to Lake Brownwood soon, now at least you know what you should be casting out, right?

Congratulations to Russell, that is really one incredible catch.