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Texas Man Sues Date Who Texted During Film and Left Him at the Theater

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Does anyone have a good time internet dating anymore? Over the weekend, 37-year-old Brandon Vezmar took a 35-year-old woman from Round Rock out on a date to see “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” in 3D. But now, he’s taking her to small claims court for $17.31, the price of a ticket and pizza, after she texted during the film and left early.

According to KVUE, Vezmar says that she looked at her phone 10 – 20 times during the part of the film she saw. He feels that he’s owed his money on principal and to make her “accountable” for her actions. The woman says that her friend was having issues, so she was checking her phone. Vezmar made her uncomfortable, and she decided to leave the theater.

Texas Monthly quotes Vezmar as saying, “I don’t think that this was a bad experience for her. I think this was a bad experience for me. I think what’s a bad experience for her at this point is being held responsible for her bad behavior. And I don’t think she’s handling that very well.”

When he gained public attention for the lawsuit, he created a Twitter account displaying his interactions with his date. One picture shows that he contacted at least six of her friends/family members on Facebook trying to get her address for the lawsuit paperwork.

The Alamo Drafthouse, notorious for their no texting and talking rules, are offering Vezmar a $17.31 gift certificate to end the charade. It’s unknown if he’s accepted.