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$350 Million Texas Medicaid Cuts Affect Disabled Children

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Cuts to a program that provides therapy for disabled children have recently taken effect in Texas Medicaid, to the tune of three hundred and fifty million dollars. The announcement and subsequent reductions fueled public uproar after they were approved last year by the GOP-controlled Legislature.

Allowing Proper Access

$350 Million Medicaid Cuts in Texas Affect Disabled Children

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Opponents believe the cuts could cost approximately 60,000 disabled children proper access to occupational and speech therapists. They effectively reduce revenue for some therapy providers in the state and could force others in Texas to close altogether.

Monitoring the Reduction of Rates for Impact

$350 Million Medicaid Cuts in Texas Affect Disabled Children

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Carrie Williams, Health and Human Services Commission spokeswoman, has identified that the cuts were applied to “achieve savings,” as mandated by state lawmakers, adding, “We will monitor the reduction of rates to ensure access to care is not impacted.” In an effort to stop the cuts, advocates initiated a lawsuit, but the Texas’ Supreme Court refused to hear it, thereby upholding the decision.