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Texas Megabus Passengers Stranded For Hours on Highway

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Passengers who take the Megabus from city to city know that it takes a while longer than driving in a car, but the Megabus offers the chance to rest and relax on the way to one’s destination for a much lower price than paying for gas for a long road trip. Unfortunately for the customers heading out of Dallas/Grand Prairie, their ride to Little Rock and Memphis was cut short when their bus broke down in Greenville, about an hour outside of Dallas.

CBS DFW says the bus malfunctioned around midnight, leaving three dozen passengers on the side of the road in the summer heat. Luckily, a passenger said that the community of Greenville was very giving. “The police went to McDonalds and got us something to eat,” Diva Lacey said. “Some of the Walmart employees got some money together to get us some stuff like water and ice packs.” It took six hours for a new bus to arrive.

Breakdowns aren’t exactly uncommon when it comes to Megabuses. Though many passengers enjoy their services, several articles have been written about the tribulations customers have faced on the Megabus. The Daily Dot lists some of the wrecks, breakdowns, and super late arrivals from the bus company saying that sometimes “low prices come with high costs.”