Texas Mom Gives Birth to Three Sets of Twins

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Despite not using any fertility treatments, North Texas mom Carrie Briggs recently gave birth to a third set of twins! Carrie and her husband Joshua are now parents to eight children, six of which belong to twin pairings.

Carrie told Fox4News, “It’s completely the Lord saying I have a plan for your family to have twins and several sets. It’s overwhelming having twins, twins, twins.” Even though it’s a lot to take in, Carrie and Joshua stick to a schedule, encourage teamwork, and look to their faith whenever they need an extra boost to keep their family happy and healthy.

“We actually chose their names very specifically – both for [the] meaning of what their biblical names mean but also for the character behind it,” Joshua explained to the news.

According to Science Mag, “Women whose families include fraternal twins are more likely to give birth to twins themselves.” While all of the Briggs twins are fraternal, Carrie finds this very strange since her family doesn’t have any other sets of twins.

Perhaps even stranger, Carrie has never taken any fertility drugs, which are known to increase the likelihood of giving birth to multiples. The Briggs children are a wonderful medical mystery!