Texas Mom Shares Photo of Her Child to Show the Heartbreak of Cancer

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It takes bravery to endure the pain and uncertainty of cancer, and it takes courage to show the world the hardships that life has unfairly dealt you and your family. Jessica Medinger posted an absolutely heartbreaking photo to Facebook on February 15th showing her son, Drake, struggling to make it to the restroom where he hunches over in pain. The photo is a snapshot of a dark reality for many families, and Medinger wants people to see, recognize, and understand the brutality of cancer.

Part of her passionate post reads, “This is him telling me, ‘Mommy, I’m not going to make it.’ This is him not wanting to be touched, because it hurts too much, and using morphine to get through his day. This is him telling me he is scared and thinks he won’t see his 11th birthday. This is him and me, telling him that I will continue to fight for him when he can’t. This is him and me, and our world.”

Since the post has gone viral, the family’s Facebook page, Stinky Joe’s #1 Pit Crew, has been overwhelmed with support and love from all over the world. They posted that while they value the incredible response, they have to keep focus on the little boy whose battle has inspired so many. A new update reads that Drake was able to eat slices of a peach and drink sips of water throughout the day. It appears he’s experiencing a bit of an upswing! Hopefully, he will continue to gain strength as we all cheer him, and his family, on to happy and healthy lives.