Texas Mom Receives Memento in the Mail of Son Killed in Battle

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When this Texas mom received a package containing a bracelet engraved with her son’s name and the day he died, she didn’t know what to think.

It was just another day for Barbara Rozier of Katy, Texas until she received a package from a stranger named Anette in St. Paul, Minnesota. Inside of the package was a bracelet engraved with her son’s name, Lt. Jonathon Rozier, and the date he died in 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

As Fox 9 reported, the woman who found and mailed the bracelet wrote a note saying, “Forever thinning the strawberry patch in my backyard I came across this hard object, dirt covered and scorched.” The woman in Minnesota sought out the Roziers after cleaning the bracelet to reveal their son’s name.

Lt. Jonathon Rozier had a son before he deployed to Iraq, and was never able to have a relationship with his son, Justin, because tragedy struck. However, Barbara believes this bracelet is a miracle so Justin can have one more memento of his dad.

As for the mystery bracelet, Barbara says that her son never went to Minnesota, stating, “I’m figuring it must be a battle buddy, he went to Texas A&M. And Aggies are everywhere worldwide, so it might be a classmate or something.”